Im not really sure how to start this other then, Im doing it!


With my partner in crime, my best friend and my wife to be Marissa Marie. (right)


And then theres me. Layn VanLeuven.

The Owner of LuckyLayn. 


This is my journey, and I want everyone to be apart of it.

                                                                        As an equal. 





****My goal with the Line for LUCKYLAYN is change. Nowadays you click "add to cart" or "buy now"  and BOOP that's it, you dont know who made the product you want, you cant ask questions.  I want you to order knowing that you are  getting what you paid for.

EVERY order done the right way, no send backs or returns because a computer flaw or someone didnt set the website up the correct way.

Want to request to see your Snapback be made? Or what about your tee? Ill show you the progress. Just request to see your order. Can you do that else where? No haha no you cant.

Again, I just want change, I want to see people buying/wearing my custom made products. Whether its my stencil or some flash art they think would look rad on a shirt/snapback.





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